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Betsim is a game that allows users to make simulated sports bets in different kind of events for free. Users have a number of virtual coins at their disposal to bet on the result of sports events.

Bycoins is the virtual currency of Betsim. You can play with it making bets and redeem them for prizes.

There are several ways to win bycoins, and every one of them is for free:

  • Making bets and hitting the results on sports events: This is the main way to win bycoins. The bigger amount you bet the more Bycoins you can win.
  • Watching advertising videos: The more Bycoins you have the more Bycoins you get for each video you watch. Keep in mind that there is a limit to this.
  • Sharing Betsim with your friends: Invite your friends to use the application and you will get an increased rate of your winnings for each friend you invite. This increased rate is cumulable and forever... Isn't it fantastic? This is the best strategy to win a lot of bycoins.
  • Reedeeming promotional codes: Follow our Fanpage on social networks and our special promotions. We usually make special events where we give a promotional code that you can redeem on the application to obtain more Bycoins. Conditions depend on each promotion,

If you lose all your bycoins, your bank will be reset with 500 bycoins again. If the system doesn't, you can reset your bank yourself by going to the "Settings" section. 

No. Your bycoins never expire as long as you keep your account active. 

Invite your friends to join betsim and share the invitation code that you can find in the <<Invite friends>> section in the main menu. When someone inputs your code into their account, you and they will get a bonus of bycoins and an increased rate of winnings forever.

It's a rate(%) that exponentially increase your winning in each bet you win.

For example:  If you win 100 bycoins on a bet in normal conditions, with a +2% bonus rate you will win 102 bycoins instead. This means that you are going to accumulate bycoins in a faster way. You can invite as many friends as you want to join Betsim through your invitation code and your bonus rate will increase as well forever.

You can choose the odds format you like the most in the section <<Settings>> in the application.

Now, Betsim gives you the possibility to reset your bycoins to 500 and cancel all your active bets with only a button. Why is it useful? It works in case you don't want to wait for a bet that you already know you are going to lose and it gives you the possibility to re-bet your 500 bycoins immediately. You can find this button in the "Settings" section.

Bonus rate will only be applied on condition that the invited user is active in the application. Otherwise, the benefit granted will be disabled until the invited user is active again in the application. It means that some of your invited users have been away from Betsim for a while. When they come back to betsim, your bonus rate will increase again.

The bycoins can be accumulated in two types of balances, the "Main Balance" represents the bycoins obtained by bets and the "Bonus" balance represents the bycoins obtained by any method different from bets (video ads, quizzes, promotions, etc.). You can only use this "Bonus" balance to make bets and add bycoins to your "Main Balance" through net winnings. Only the "Main Balance" can be redeemed.


No. When you make a bet you can't cancel it anyway.

Yes. When an event is canceled all Bycoins will be returned to you. 

If a bet has not been resolved yet, you should wait at least 24 hours. If it still unfinished please contact us by sending an email at support@betsim.net

Like any other system, Betsim system may present failures some time. If you won in an event but your bet was canceled in Betsim do not think it was intentional to prejudice you, since the system is automatic, and also if the opposite happens (you lose in an event but your bet is canceled), you will be benefited because your bycoins will be returned to your account. Therefore, please do NOT ask us for giving you that event as won because it is not possible for us to manually identify all users who won and lost in that event. Thanks for understanding. Keep playing and winning in Betsim.

No. "Final result" and any other type of bet in Betsim only takes the regular 90 minutes into account in your bets, NO extra-time or penalties. 

User Accounts

Contact us by sending an email at support@betsim.net with the subject “Delete my user account” and we will proceed to eliminate your user account prior confirmation of it. Keep in mind that you will lose all your Bycoins and they won't be able to be restored.

Once you have joined Betsim you can link your social networks to your account in <<My account>>. From there, you can link your Facebook, Twitter or Google account to your Betsim account so you can log in with them. 

It is not possible to change your profile data at the moment. This information is directly obtained from your social networks (Google, Facebook o Twitter).

No. We don't allow users to have more than one account. Despite Betsim has a system to avoid this we don't underestimate the user's expertise to make this possible. Therefore, users that are surprised using multiple accounts will be severely sanctioned.

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